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List of those who've died in Chicago in traffic crashes while on foot, on two wheels, or while using transit. The data is stored in this Fusion Table.

Total deaths: 46. See statistics below. Female is abbreviated as "Fem." so you can filter by sex.

DateNameAgeSexLocationNeighborhoodClassificationHit & Run?Driver cited?LinkNotes
11-12-12Tsering Dorjee44Male6400 block of N Maplewood AvenueWest Rogers ParkPedestrianYesYesArticle
11-17-12Christopher Cooper44Male7900 block of South Stony Island AvenueAvalon ParkPedestrianNoYesArticle
11-19-12Unnamed48Male1501 W Cermak RoadPilsenPedestrianNoYesArticle
11-16-12Raymond Lending85Male5000 block of N Western AvenueLincoln SquarePedestrianNoUnknownArticle
11-17-12Unnamed61Male5200 block of S Cicero AvenueArcher HeightsPedestrianNoYesArticle
10-31-12Unnamed50MaleAshland and AugustaRiver WestBicyclistNoYesArticleAge unknown
09-07-12Robert Butler51MaleDamen Avenue overpass of the Stevenson ExpresswayMcKinley ParkPedestrianYesYesArticle
08-23-12Maria Banuelos79Fem.26th Street and Avers AvenueLittle VillagePedestrianNoYesArticle
10-27-12Reginald “Reggie” Destin42Male1700 block of North Milwaukee AvenueWicker ParkSkateboarderYesYesArticle
10-05-12Neill Townsend32MaleMaple Street and Wells StreetOld TownBicyclistNoYesArticle
08-22-12Ilchwa Abraham84Fem.California at Granville AvenueWest Rogers ParkPedestrianNoNoArticle
08-17-12Kenneth Collins43Male45 W.111th StreetRoselandPedestrianYesUnknownArticle
10-14-12Bessie Manning85Fem.Division Street and Waller AvenueAustinPedestrianYesNoArticle
09-27-12Rose Harris59Fem.79th Street and St. Lawrence AvenueChathamPedestrianNoYesArticle
09-22-12Judith Bramwell56Fem.6500 S Pulaski Road West LawnPedestrianNoYesArticle
09-14-12John Versnel21MaleLoyola Red Line StationEdgewaterTransitN/AN/AArticle
08-06-12Evelyn Dean 40Fem.300 block of West 47th StreetFuller ParkBicyclistYesDriver not foundArticleAge unknown
08-24-12Kazmiera Falat72Fem.6300 S Harlem AvenueClearing WestPedestrianYesDriver not foundArticle
08-25-12Makayla Dameron3Fem.10200 S State StreetFernwoodPedestrianNoUnknownArticle
08-26-12Alejandro Cruz33Male500 block of South Pulaski RoadEast Garfield ParkPedestrianNoYesArticle
08-14-12Eric Kerestes30MaleMilwaukee and Ogden AvenuesRiver WestPedestrianNoYesArticle
08-25-12Decolbie Esco30MaleAlley near 2400 W Foster AvenueRavenswoodPedestrianYesUnknownArticle
08-07-12Donna Halstead76Fem.Adams Street along Canal StreetWest LoopPedestrianNoYesArticle
08-05-12Jeffery Dalak54Male5400 block of West Higgins AvenueJefferson ParkPedestrianNoYesArticle
11-23-12Richard Garza56MaleIrving Park Metra stationAvondaleTransitN/AN/AArticleNo pedestrian crossing here. Above grade.
08-01-12Unnamed30MaleCalifornia Blue Line stationLogan SquareTransitN/AN/AArticleAge and name unknown.
03-27-12Mark White52MaleBryn Mawr Red Line stationEdgewaterTransitN/AN/AArticle
03-23-12Rahmon Harris14MaleIllinois Medical District Blue LineIllinois Medical DistrictTransitN/AN/AArticle
07-12-12Caprice Cunningham23Fem.87th Street and Cottage Grove AvenueChathamBicyclistNoYesArticleDriver was on suspended license
06-25-12Christopher Fonseca11Male1900 block of North Ridgeway AvenueLogan SquareBicyclistNoUnknownArticleCrash occurred June 20, 2012.
03-30-12UnnamedUnknown or not revealedMaleFrancisco Brown Line stationRavenswood ManorTransitN/AN/AArticlePolice called this a suicide.
07-04-12Robert Vanpelt81Male5100 block of West Devon AvenueEdgebrookBicyclistNoNoArticle
02-09-12Loretta Press35Male95th Street near Cottage Grove AvenueBurnsidePedestrianYesYesArticle
07-02-12Monet Robinson5Fem.1500 S Millard AvenueNorth LawndalePedestrianYesUnknownArticleUnknown if driver ever found.
05-29-12UnnamedUnknown or not revealedUnknown or not revealedRavenswood Metra stationRavenswoodTransitN/AN/AArticle
04-21-12Cynthia Hoff49Fem.4200 block of S Western AVeBrighton ParkPedestrianYesUnknownArticle
02-09-12Bernard Donald58Male95th Street near Cottage Grove AvenueBurnsidePedestrianYesYesArticle
04-05-12Dmitri Juspe27MaleTracks near Loyola Red Line stationEdgewaterTransitN/AN/AArticle
02-28-12Aaliyah Kalimullahdunn15Fem.Ashland Avenue near 80th Street Auburn GreshamPedestrianYesUnknownArticle
03-07-12Gardenia Boyer23Fem.95th Street and Vincennes AvenueBrainerdPedestrianN/AN/AArticleHit by train
03-24-12Jesse Bradley32MaleLaSalle Street and Division StreetGold CoastPedestrianYesYesArticleDriver didn't have valid license, received DUI
12-08-12David Perez18Male31st Street and Pulaski AvenueLittle VillagePedestrianYesNoArticleDriver not found; no vehicle description known.
12-14-12Yuan Zeng68Male2400 S Archer AvenueChinatownBicyclistNoNoArticle
12-12-12Unnamed46MaleRogers Park Metra stationRogers ParkTransitN/AN/AArticleMan from Beach Park.
01-14-13Unnamed0MaleNear LaSalle Blue Line StationLoopTransitN/AN/AArticleMay have died the prior day.
12-22-12Morris Giles59Male95th Street and Jeffery BoulevardJeffery ManorPedestrianNoYesArticleStruck by tow truck driven by Robert Parks.
Total deaths: 46

All Deaths Age Statistics

Mean: 43.727272727273
Median: 44
Mode: 30
Range: 85 (0-85)
Sex: 14 female, 31 male

Transit Death Age Statistics (10 people)

Mean: 24.4
Median: 27
Mode: -1
Range: 57 (-1-56)

Pedestrian Death Age Statistics (28 pedestrians)

Mean: 47.535714285714
Median: 49
Mode: 44
Range: 82 (3-85)
Sex: 12 female, 16 male

Bicyclist Death Age Statistics (7 bicyclists)

Mean: 43.571428571429
Median: 40
Mode: 50
Range: 70 (11-81)
Sex: 2 female, 5 male

Multi-year stats (static list)

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