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All photos on Grid Chicago taken by the authors are available for sale for use commercially, or in reports and other documents. Explore our photostreams to find the photo you want. Then email us a link to the photo and a description of how you will use the photo and we’ll give you a quote.

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Display your photos of active and sustainable transportation on Grid Chicago by posting your photos to our Flickr group. We may showcase your photos in a future edition of Grid Shots, a Sunday weekly feature.

StairsSt George's HouseGlass Tile PatternsEmpty SeatsDetailstwo gates (a found diptych)\\Quiet as a MouseTetris like Brick/Pavers PatternMuseum of the Moving Image entry doorsCobblestoneOut and Outi love this shot. some warehouse in east oakland - near the coliseumI AM _ _ _ _ LOCKEDCollection of Serapes / SaltillosTree of DominosPart of the wall I painted for Jelly Fish Bungalow and Restaurant in Koh Samet, Thailand.ProximityIt's Grate!frontale 1Grand MOMAWorking LateLOVE OR HATE?Euston Station Gatestriolike a woman lied down in cityCentral Saint Gilesred as your bloodTree GuardSquarespavement 2it's about emptiness and fullness...Tallest from 1931 to 1970Art Deco DelightAncient Synagogue Ein GediLooking DownFarming Infographic (detail)Farming InfographicSome More Cropsdetail 2teatro regio motifSunrise on Glass and StoneReflected

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