Grid Shots: A visitor from D.C.

M. Jantzen visited Chicago earlier in August 2011 and recently uploaded photos from his trip.


Upon arriving at Midway Airport, one is presented with three distinct types of fare vending machines. One takes cash only. Two take credit cards. One dispenses multi-day passes. Two add value to Chicago Cards. O’Hare Airport only has two types of machines and they have small signs above them that say “Cash only” or “Cash and credit.”


Fifty feet away from the vending machines, in the paid area, are two units of double deck bike racks that can hold 28 or more bicycles. It’s well-used, even in the “less warm” months of the year. 


You’ll pass the CNA building (333 S Wabash) on any of the elevated Loop ‘L’ lines. I like it because it’s not grey, black, or blue.

3 thoughts on “Grid Shots: A visitor from D.C.”

    1. You lift it; it’s pretty easy. What’s more difficult is locking the front wheel while it’s up there. The end slots are very easy because you can stand on the side of the rack instead of in the front of it and reach the front wheel, the frame, the rear wheel, and the locking arm.

      I don’t like these racks and I think they should never have been chosen, especially after learning about the locking arm drama that ensued after installation. Some bicyclists pointed out to CDOT that the locking arms that came with the racks were too short to allow one to thread a u-lock through the rear triangle and locking arm. CDOT had to pay for all locking arms to be replaced.

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