Grid Shots: The view from CTA bridges

Bridges at Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train stations over the tracks are becoming extinct. When the Belmont Brown/Red/Purple line station was rebuilt for the Brown Line Capacity Expansion project, the bridge at the south end was removed.


I took this photo in 2006 from the Belmont footbridge, not long before it was closed to passengers and then demolished. 


Adams and Wabash, Brown/Pink/Green/Orange/Purple lines. Photo by Clark Maxwell. 


Madison and Wabash, Brown/Pink/Green/Orange/Purple lines. Photo by Clark Maxwell. 

View four more photos taken from CTA footbridges.

6 thoughts on “Grid Shots: The view from CTA bridges”

  1. Many of the stations on the Green Line have footbridges, especially on the Lake Street Elevated.  These are all new stations, so I don’t think they’re going anywhere, and there isn’t enough clearance for a mezzanine below the tracks but above the street.  Even the new Morgan stop will have a pretty cool bridge.

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. Now that I think about it, Ashland (Green/Pink) and California (Green) have footbridges. I’ve removed the statement saying that the remaining footbridges are in the Loop.

      The Morgan (Green/Pink) station has a footbridge also, but it’s inclusion does not seem well-reasoned. Few people will need to make a transfer here, and the stations on both sides of Morgan have free transfers.

  2. Those footbridges offer some pretty cool views.  I think they’re rather underappreciated.  Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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