Kidical Mass video


Photo of a family participating in Kidical Mass by Sherry Keating. 

If you’re a Chicago parent and you want to cycle with your children, I invite you to check out Kidical Mass, “Critical Mass for the smaller set”. It’s a monthly, slow bike ride starting at Palmer Square Park (3064 W Palmer Blvd) for families. The next ride is December 10, 2011, at 10:30 AM.

Marisa Paulson published an introductory video at The Northwest Passage, embedded below. The video features short interviews with three Logan Square parents talking about why they ride in Kidical Mass.


Watch the video on Vimeo. Elizabeth Bartom posted more photos.

6 thoughts on “Kidical Mass video”

    1. You’re welcome, Ash. By the way, there are very few photos of Kidical Mass on Flickr. I should come to the next one and see what it’s like. I can carry a kid on the back seat of my Yuba Mundo. 

      1. I’m almost always ride leader so I don’t get the opportunity to photograph the ride in progress. What I do have I always upload to our facebook page instead of flickr. 

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