Our first year: The most popular articles


The new Halsted Street bridge over the North Branch Canal opened Friday. 

We launched on June 17th this year. We reached a few goals, and almost reached a couple others, and published 215 articles. We hit 100,000 page views in November, and we hope to double that soon, in less time.

These are the 10 most viewed articles up to December 22, 2011:

  1. Postal service making a mockery of Kinzie protected bike lane
    I’m not sure if they still are, but I know that FedEx, UPS, and moving companies continue to block the bike lane. This article received 55 comments.
  2. The second annual Bike Fashion Panel: sharp dressed men
    Dottie says: “I see a lot of women on bikes who are looking really nice, but I think I’ve only ever seen one man riding a bike in a suit”.
  3. How did progressive transportation czar Gabe Klein get that way?
    Out of the top 3 articles, this one’s been published for the shortest time.
  4. Going Dutch: a conversation with LGRAB’s Dottie Brackett
    The Martha Stewart of Chicago (national?) cycling.
  5. An interview with CDOT commissioner Gabe Klein
    A popular guy, it seems. Well, he has national appeal since he used to work as the Washington, D.C., transportation commissioner.
  6. An interview with former Milwaukee mayor John Norquist
    This article also had some national appeal, as Norquist also heads the Congress for New Urbanism.
  7. Bloomingdale Trail public involvement process reached a milestone this week
    No other project (that I know of) has had this much public involvement in its development.
  8. Wicker Park(ing): Chicago debuts its first on-street bike corral
    This is kind of a big deal. Portland has 50+, we have half (it can’t be there in winter). CDOT’s working on more, though.
  9. Bicycling in Chicago, a view from the south side – part 1
    Part two didn’t make the top 20, but you can still read it.
  10. Future plans for Logan Square now stymied by new parking ordinance
    Free parking in the weirdest spots. Pandering to churches?

2 thoughts on “Our first year: The most popular articles”

    1. Congrats! Some of the articles had the benefit of time (the longer ago they were posted the more hits they could stand to gain), but yours came in November. 

      Maybe you can do an annual review. 

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