Dutch man posts video showing normal cycling and world goes crazy over it


Utrecht is a nice city to visit. I recommend it.

Mark Wagenbuur, a Dutch blogger from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, starts the story like this:

One of my videos went viral…again…and while that is in itself rather pointless, it does make clear that a lot of people in the world are completely in the dark when it comes to every day cycling [in the Netherlands]. I published the video over a year ago. It shows a cycle path in Utrecht near the central railway station where all the main cycle routes of Utrecht come together.

Mark then reviews for readers some of the comments people left about the video (which has over 1 million views), on the YouTube page, and on the various sites that embedded it; they’re rife with insults, questions about why overweight people cannot be seen, and other expressions of bewilderment and ignorance. His original video is below.


The first half of my Kinzie Street before and after video features something more people will be familiar with: traffic congestion. Watch that now:


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