Follow Friday April: Read these blogs


Photo of people descending stairs at State and Lake by Ann Fisher. 

Taking a cue from Twitter where #FF means “Follow Friday” and people post the @names of others they recommend you follow, I am recommending some sites from our links page that you should follow.

  • A City Guy – Chicago based “thoughts on land use and transportation”.
  • CTA Tattler – Best source for ALL Chicago Transit Authority news.
  • The Urbanophile – Best source for reflective writing about Midwest cities’ economics, demography, and sometimes transportation.
  • – Personal musings on Andersonville, CTA, and transportation infrastructure.
  • Human Transit – International-focused blog about transit resources and operations.
  • Let’s Go Ride A Bike – Two women authors write about their experiences bicycling in Chicago and Nashville.

Should I have recommended someone else? Make your own suggestion in the comments and we’ll consider listing that site on our Links page. All of them are also members of the Grid Chicago Network, a sort of RSS reader about local sustainable transportation news and issues.

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4 thoughts on “Follow Friday April: Read these blogs”

    1.  You coverage of CTA is awesome. Thanks for all that you do!

      P.S. – I also heard that the Red Line on Southside is going to be completely closed for months during track rebuilding. It comes from a pretty reliable source, somebody that works for one of the engineering firms subcontracted to do the design.

      1. Thanks Joe. I heard that rumor too and already asked the CTA about it. They said no decision on closings has been made yet….

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