Get Lit campaign to distribute lights to those without is nearing first event


Win this Monkeylectric spoke light by donating to Get Lit by May 30th. 

The Get Lit-Use Lights At Night campaign, that I run with fundraising and event management support from Active Transportation Alliance, is raising money very slowly. But that’s not going to stop us from having the first distribution event in June. Nine donors have given $166, putting us $80 short of our first event and $1,634 of buying a lot of lights. But Jim Freeman (a major sponsor of Grid Chicago and the first sponsor of Get Lit) has helped secure a donation of 250 lights for cyclists. Remember, state and city law require a front white light.

We’ll use these lights along with the donated money to run at least two events. The first distribution event will be in June (the date and time will not be announced). Email me if you’d like to volunteer.

To get the last $80, I’m offering this Monkeylectric spoke light as a prize to a random winner (in Illinois) drawn from the group of people who’ve already donated, and who donate before May 30th. I’ve been using the light, donated by the Monkeylectric company, for two weeks on the front wheel of my bike. It uses three AA batteries, installs quickly, includes an anti-theft strap, is waterproof and lasts for hours. It won’t keep you legal (you need a white front light) but it will draw more attention. It’s also fun to watch. The controller has three buttons to choose one of two brightness levels, the color scheme, and the pattern. One pattern features elements of arcade game Space Invaders.

Donate online now with your credit card, or mail a check to (write “GET LIT” in the memo):

Active Transportation Alliance
9 W Hubbard Street
Suite 402
Chicago, IL 60654


Video of the Monkeylectric in action.


Looks inconspicuous in the day time. 

I can also receive donations. Additionally, at light distribution events, volunteers will be asking recipients to “light it forward” as a way to sustain the campaign.

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