Grid Shots: 1,000 photos in our Flickr group

Thank you for adding 1,000 photos of sustainable transportation in Chicago to our Flickr group. When you add your photos to our Flickr group, they will appear on the sidebar (scroll down and to the left) as well as on our photos page. And we look there to find photos to lead articles. Here are the latest five that were added.


Photo of a Metra train on the BNSF track (to/from Aurora, Illinois) by Ben.


Photo of a bus whizzing by a Chicagoan on a bike by Señor Codo.


Photo of a Metra train departing Roselle, Illinois, for Elgin, Illinois, by Duane Rapp.


Photo of a 60/Blue Island CTA bus in Pilsen by James T.


Photo of a train over Jackson Boulevard by John W. Iwanski.

2 thoughts on “Grid Shots: 1,000 photos in our Flickr group”

  1. Gents, Nice work.  Question… if someone wants to use a photo for an article or a report, what’s the process for requesting permission to use a photo? 

    1. For photos taken by myself, there is blanket permission for anyone to use the photos in non-commercial applications and when attribution is given. This is spelled out on the individual photo page on Flickr. If you’d like to use the photo in a commercial application, please email me. 

      John will have to comment on how you can use his photos. 

      As for the photos taken by others, you can go to the individual photo page on Flickr for that photographer and look at the “License” section. 

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