Grid Shots: Cycling snow commute


“A bicyclist hauling it in Edgewater, in the midst of the snowstorm. On Broadway just north of Granville.” Photo by Joseph Dennis. 

I was home during the snow storm on Friday and I read people’s commute experiences on various social networks. Here are some photos to celebrate the successful and less successful rides on the bicycle.


Parent and child walk their bakfiets cargo bicycle across the street in Lincoln Park. Photo by Dottie Brackett. 


A clever front basket made of coroplast (corrugated plastic), the material for campaign and “WE BUY HOMES” signs. Photo by Joseph Dennis.


Many people stopped by Daley Plaza on Friday morning, before the snow storm, for Winter Bike To Work Day. 

3 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Cycling snow commute”

  1. Hey, that’s my coroplast basket! Hoo boy, it was an interesting ride home on Friday night. Lots of encouragement from friendly pedestrians helped. 

      1. Just assorted variations on, “way to go” and “wow, you’re dedicated.” Seems like snow days make passers-by more likely to acknowledge one another. I like that. 

        I just drew up a quick sketch for the basket. It’s based around my 5-rail CETMA and utilizes almost 100% of a standard-sized campaign sign. I used a Jeremy Karpen sign from last year’s campaign. It seemed fitting to reuse a green party candidate sign. I don’t have any plans online, but I did draw it out with dimensions and would be happy to share it with you on flickr if I can find it.

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