Infographics show CTA’s operating revenues and where fares go

The Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Abogo project, to inform people across the country about the link between their housing and transportation costs, created two infographics that show the source of the Chicago Transit Authority’s funds for operating, as well as how your $2.25 is divvied.


Provided by Center for Neighborhood Technology

This infographic shows the funding sources for the CTA’s 2012 estimated operating budget. The CTA is required by state law to obtain 50% of its operating revenues from fares, but it appears that won’t be the case. The “Statutory Required Contribution” comprises the City of Chicago’s $3 million and Cook County’s $2 million. 

“Public Funding Available through the RTA” represents the sales tax contributions from the region. I believe the “Fare Agreement with the State” is a loan from the State of Illinois in exchange for not raising fares.


Provided by Center for Neighborhood Technology

69% of fares goes to pay for labor, which holds the greatest share of cost in any organization. “Fares only pay for about 40% of CTA’s total expenses”, according to CNT and the CTA budget documents.

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