Outside the Loop Radio interviews Danny Resner & “Urban Flow” author


Outside the Loop Radio recently interviewed my CTA ‘L’ riding record-setting partner-in-crime Danny Resner about the nuts and bolts of our trip. Listen to the interview here (press the play button at the bottom of the post; Danny is featured in the last third of the segment), or download the MP3 directly.

The broadcast also includes a short interview with former record holder Adham Fisher of Leicester, England. Earlier in the segment there’s an interview with Jeff Kidder, the author of Urban Flow: Bike Messengers and the City, who was quoted in Alex Weaver’s recentguest post on Grid Chicago about Chicago couriers.

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John Greenfield

John has lived in Chicago since 1989 and has worked a number of bicycle jobs, from messenger to mechanic to managing the Chicago Department of Transportation's bicycle parking program, arranging the installation of over 3,700 bike racks. He writes regularly for Time Out Chicago, Newcity, Momentum and Urban Velo magazines and works at Boulevard Bikes in Logan Square.

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