Roundup of bikeway discussions on EveryBlock


This is what Open Streets, one of the discussions below, can do for your neighborhood. Photo by Active Transportation Alliance.

We use EveryBlock as a promotional tool for our articles, but we also use the site to inform neighbors about projects in their area that they hadn’t yet heard of (I’m gauging that based on the lack of posts on the site about the project). The discussions I start usually go pretty well, and rarely do they go off topic. Here’s a list of the latest ones, including one I didn’t initiate:

4 thoughts on “Roundup of bikeway discussions on EveryBlock”

      1. Have you considered the possibility that the conversation is, in fact, on topic?  It does not seem like a stretch to me that residents’ perceived safety, or lack thereof, would be strongly related to their transportation behavior.  For example, perhaps riding a bike makes one more vulnerable to violent crime, relative to driving a car.  This problem will not be solved with bike lanes.  

        1. While the conversation included many comments about safety, the topic revolved around the Alderwoman’s behaviors, including lack of communication, unable to obtain results for the constituents, and including donation links on her office communiqués. 

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