The first Chicago bike shop commercial I’ve seen


I’ve had work done on my bike The Bike Lane twice. I like this commercial for their fix a flat service. It was uploaded a year ago, but someone in my Google+ feed posted it today. I know at least one other company that fixes flats where you are: one of our sponsors, Pedal To The People. Have you seen any other commercials for Chicagoland bike shops?


To double your pleasure on this miraculously warm and sunny day in the middle of February, here’s a funny photo of my friend and former coworker Bill in front of a bike lane in front of The Bike Lane, who I was training to become the Department of Transportation’s next bicycle parking planner.

4 thoughts on “The first Chicago bike shop commercial I’ve seen”

  1. Awesome!  I live around the corner from The Bike Lane.  It is one of my favorite shops.  They’ve helped me so many times with advice and sometimes even giving me free little parts.  There’s no better shop in Chicago!

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