Mayor’s comments to Chicago Tribune about speed cameras


Crossing the street shouldn’t be so daunting that you see a cross on the other side. Photo by Gabriel Michael. 

I posted Saturday a link to the Chicago Tribune’s article about their interview with Mayor Emanuel. They also published the transcript of that 90 minute talk, which I didn’t see until after publishing the post. I’m not going to stop following the speed camera issue. It’s directly related to street safety and active transportation and I’ve not found good research that shows that speed cameras don’t reduce speeding.

Notice in the third paragraph of the first excerpt that Mayor Emanuel is committing all resources (which I interpret as revenues from speeding tickets issued by the automated speed camera enforcement system) to “increasing public safety for children near schools and parks”. The act, now an Illinois law since last Monday, includes specific directives on how the money can be spent although one of them is extremely broad.

Here are some excerpts from that interview I think are relevant to the discussion of speed camera placement in Chicago. They are not the most key in whether or not we should have cameras, but comment on how the City administration is handling the public information campaign.  Continue reading Mayor’s comments to Chicago Tribune about speed cameras

Dottie interviews John and me for first Let’s Go Ride a Bike podcast


What the podcast with Dottie didn’t look like. 

In September, John and I sat down with Dottie Brackett in Logan Square for 90 minutes discussing our personal history of urban biking and opinions on what’s happening now in Chicago with protected bike lanes (among other topics). Thankfully, Dottie cut that down to 27 minutes so you can listen to us converse while you walk the dog this morning.

Or listen here!