Grid Shots: Nature

Today is Earth Day. Although I’d argue that every day is earth day. The theme of today’s Grid Shots photo post is “nature”. When it comes to sustainable transportation, the most likely place you’ll discover the connection with nature is on a multi-use trail. And there’s where all of these photos were taken, by Joshua Koonce and Michelle Stenzel.


Cycling on Northerly Island. This used to be an airport and runway called Meigs Field until former mayor Richard M. Daley sent work crews in the middle of the night to bulldoze X’s in the runway. The island (really a manmade peninsula) is now a bird sanctuary. Photo by MS.


The Lakefront Trail is closed because of heavy wind and waves in October 2011. Photo by MS.


People walk on the Bloomingdale Trail. Photo by JK.


A guy rides his tricycle selling helado de coco, or coconut sorbet, in Humboldt Park. Photo by JK.