Grid Shots: People on the CTA

“The subway is the place where denizens of the great metropolis are now forced to face each other. The wealthy, and the poor rub more than elbows here. Often the pot in which we are all supposed to be melting cracks and boils over.” -New York City-based photographer, Dave Beckerman.


Changing trains. Photo by Mike Travis. 


Reading a book. Photo by Joshua Koonce. 


Playing the guitar and harmonica. Photo by Joshua Koonce. 

Meet Gin Kilgore, a car-free Chicago mom

Logan Square resident as well as cycling and car-free living advocate Gin Kilgore was recently interviewed in the Chicago Tribune. Grid talks to Gin to get some more information about how others can go car free or “car light.”


Cars aren’t allowed to get this close in Humboldt Park.

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