Network is a collection of sites that discuss about active and sustainable transportation. Join our Network.

Install the Grid Chicago Network widget on your own website:

<script src=’’></script>

Being listed here does not mean that Grid Chicago endorses all the content from the contributors; not all sites focus on active and sustainable transportation for all of their content; this is not a list of “related sites”. This is a beta version (0.3) using a plugin I wrote myself. The soft launch date was October 26, 2011.

  • Scotto

    I like the new network, but I find that the Green Urbanist stuff is very lacking.  I clicked on “Pump Pedals, Not Gas” hoping to read an insightful article, but that was the entire article. Keep the “tweets” in a separate area from the articles and keep up the great work at Grid.

    My 2 cents

    • Steven Vance

      Thank you for your comment, Scotto. The Network is automatically populated with everything network members write.

      The Network will always be on a separate page, but we will occasionally feature the best articles from the Network onto our home page.

    • Steven Vance

      I removed Green Urbanist. The content was too mixed and often a reblog.

  • nikhil

    Can this content be available via an RSS feed? That would be sweet!

    • Steven Vance

      I will try. I created the plugin myself so I will have to work on that alone. I will incorporate that in version 0.3. Thank you for the suggestion!

      • Anonymous

        If it happens to be Django, let me know and I can help. :)

        • Steven Vance

          Nope. It’s written in PHP for WordPress. I’m doing alright with it, but I haven’t had time since the launch to create version 0.3. I’m really looking forward, though, to the changes I expect to make!

    • Steven Vance

      These are the improvements for version 0.3 I’m working on. 

      -RSS feed of the page, of all feeds
      -Twitter buttons next to each item (very small)
      -RSS button for each feed (maybe in drop down subscribe box?)
      -Redirection option (via self-built that can be managed by analytics or “yourls”, or via 
      -Analytics campaign option? (to track links)

    • Steven Vance

      Feed now available, just 32 days later!

      (It’s in beta and may break, though.)
      I’ve made some other improvements, like speed. 

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