Grid Shots: Cargo biking

To help promote the Cargo Bike Roll Call, happening Monday night from 6-9 PM at West Town Bikes, 1147 N Campbell, this weekend’s edition of Grid Shots is all about cargo biking in Chicago (there aren’t any family biking photos in our Flickr group yet).


Joshua Koonce and I were riding back to my house on California Avenue from Welles Park and we encountered this man carrying several bags of aluminum cans. Here’s another photo of the rider. 


Brandon Gobel rides his John Player Spezial Bullitt on Milwaukee Avenue during an interview with Grid Chicago about his business, Chicago Cargo


Jeff Perkins rides his Lloyd Cycles cargo bike (a cross between the Danish Long and Short John-style cargo bikes) through downtown Chicago last winter. Jeff is also a messenger with 4 Star Courier and a racer on the Chicago Cuttin’ Crew. Photo by Mike Travis. 

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