Media gallery from Open Streets on State Street

Photos and one video of Open Streets on State Street by John Greenfield (JG) and Steven Vance (SV).


A north to south video tour of Open Streets filmed by Brandon Gobel and Steven Vance from the cargo deck of a Bullitt bike. SV


Families playing in the imagination playground. Adolfo Hernandez at the Active Transportation Alliance described his experience, saying, “I saw people, moms with kids, were instinctively picking up the blocks and putting them together”. JG


The only time this artist could sit in the middle of State Street to paint the northern view. JG


Even the kids were breakdancing. JG


Hula hoops were everywhere. And in use. JG


People practicing capoeira. SV


Playing real-life four square. SV


Mike Garcia of Brickheadz breakdancing for the Illinois Center for Broadcasting camera crew. SV


This drawing was creating one square at a time by multiple people. SV


Winners of the three-legged race. SV

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