New Open Streets on State Street video

A different perspective than the one I created from the front of Brandon’s Bullitt, but more interesting and diverse. Check out the video captured by videographer Nick Kazinsky, hired by Active Transportation Alliance to showcase the event.


It may just convince your friends to help you advocate for another one next year, and perhaps expanding it to other neighborhoods. Read our coverage on Open Streets.

4 thoughts on “New Open Streets on State Street video”

  1. I couldn’t watch the whole thing.  The frames change too frequently for my eyes to feel comfortable.  It especially bothers me when it jumps just a few seconds ahead in the same event or activity.  I feel like I’m watching it with a strobe light on.

    1. I think it’s a trendy editing style, to cut so quickly. I see it most often in music videos and I dislike it. You want to see something for a little bit longer, and then, “BAM”, it’s taken away from you.

  2. I think it’s a technically good video. Who cares? The event looks amazingly fun. I want one here every Sunday.

    1. The State Street event will be September 8, and we* are planning an Open Streets event on Sunday, September 16.
      * I am a member of the Wicker Park-Bucktown SSA transportation committee and huge proponent of it.

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