Reminder: On-street bike parking ribbon cutting is Friday


The city’s first on-street bike parking facility (or bike corral) was installed in Wicker Park this morning by crews from Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT). See more photos from the installation this morning. 

Friday, July 29, 2011
5 PM

Flat Iron Arts Building
1579 N Milwaukee Avenue

Join Transportation Commissioner Gabe Klein, 1st Ward Alderman Joe Moreno, Bicycle Parking Program Manager Christopher Gagnon, and Wicker Park-Bucktown Special Service Area Manager Eleanor Mayer to celebrate the city’s first bike corral. Then cross the street to Francesca’s Forno for drinks and refreshments.

Read more about Grid Chicago’s coverage of this on-street bike parking installation.


CDOT crews install the Tuff Curb on the southeast side of the bike corral. 

5 thoughts on “Reminder: On-street bike parking ribbon cutting is Friday”

      1. I hope they’re epoxied in. When I grew up in Chicago I was taught to never lock your bike to a rack or pole that could simply be unbolted, but stick with something anchored securely in the cement. This has the look of a rack that might could be unbolted and removed in the night.

        And while I know the real threat is high-bumpered cars squishing your bike that is locked adjacent to the curb, I just feel queasy about the idea of locking my bike in the road, directly adjacent to traffic.

        1. I think I misinterpreted your concern.

          The individual bike racks that make up the “plaza rack on rails” are bolted with mushroom heads (that is, permanently, no regular hand tool can remove them). The rails are then anchored to the roadway.

          The “plaza rack on rails” will be removed in the winter time, because Milwaukee Avenue is a designated emergency snow route. Damen and North Avenue are not.

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