Streetfilms publishes their Kinzie cycle track video, and bike lane updates


In this video published by New York City-based Streetfilms and producer Elizabeth Press, you’ll hear from me, Gabe Klein, David Gleason, Bradley Topol, Brandon Gobel, Alderman Solis, and Lorena Cupcake. We’re all talking about the coolness of Chicago’s first protected bike lane.

18th Street

Alderman Solis also talks about the 18th Street cycle track which is currently awaiting flexible posts “in the coming weeks”, bridge plates “over the winter” and green pavement markings at a few intersections “in the spring”. (Watch the video below for a before and after view of 18th Street.)


Jackson Boulevard

The Jackson Boulevard protected bike lane is complete from Western Avenue to Ogden Avenue (see video). From Ogden Avenue to Halsted Street, “final approvals are still needed from all approving agencies” (namely, IDOT, who has jurisdiction over this segment, which you may also know as Route 66). See our photo gallery.

Elston Avenue

And for Elston, “The road wasn’t resurfaced until late in the year and the design is still being finalized to ensure the needs of all roadway users are met”. (The segment to have a protected bike lane is LeMoyne Street to Augusta Boulevard.)


Looking west at the 18th Street cycle track from under the CTA Red Line viaduct.

*Quoted text comes from the Chicago Bicycle Program’s status update on their Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Streetfilms publishes their Kinzie cycle track video, and bike lane updates”

    1. It’s hard to illustrate the slipperiness and the high likelihood of falling down on it. That part was filmed when I was sitting in the cargo deck of a Bullitt bike that has 2.1 inch wide tires (it kind of looked like this). 

      But it does illustrate that, above all, it’s not comfortable to ride over metal grate bridges. 

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