Grid Shots: Color jamming

Color Jam is a new piece of artwork at the intersection of State Street and Adams Street. Huffington Post explains further:

Chicago’s largest-ever public art installation, Color Jam, was unveiled Tuesday in the heart of the city’s Loop — covering various surfaces of the intersection of State and Adams with multihued, geometric shapes.¬†Created by multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder, Color Jam “wraps” the intersection with color in a three-dimensional homage to fabric artist Christo commissioned by the Chicago Loop Alliance’s Art Loop.

Here are three photos of Color Jam from Grid Chicago contributors to our Flickr group. The remaining photos are of other “color jams” in Chicago.


Photo by Michelle Stenzel.


Photo by Michelle Stenzel.


Photo by Drew Baker.


A color wheel at the Tour de Fat bike+beer festival in Palmer Square Park from 2011. Photo by Joshua Koonce. The festival returns July 21, 2012. Join Cargo Bike Roll Call in the 10 AM bike parade.


A woman crosses the street in downtown Chicago. Photo by Cynthia K.


An array of painted bike forks near Addison Avenue and Milwaukee Avenue. Photo by Drew Baker.

5 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Color jamming”

  1. I like the added color on the buildings. Highlighting the crosswalks is a big plus. Unfortunately, the color on the pavement started wearing rather quickly. In another month, that part is likely to look really ratty.

  2. I was just out walking at lunchtime and saw a scene you’d appreciate – guy on a bike waiting for the light to change at one of the Color Jam corners. He was wearing red shorts and riding a vivid orange bike, against the background of the orange-red corner (by Starbucks). Now THAT’s a color jam. No photo – mental image will have to suffice.

    1. I’m in Portland, Oregon, right now and I saw a woman who matched her heels to her dress to her helmet to her Deep V wheels. It was a color jam for sure.

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