Grid Shots: Skateboarding in the streets edition

Skateboarding is a very sustainable transportation mode, although probably not as efficient as cycling. We still recommend it. I had already published many of my photos featuring people skateboarding, but I wanted to show pictures from other photographers in Chicago. I searched through my Flickr contacts for “skateboarding” and found over 1,100 photos – awesome. One of the photos was this guy skateboarding in Washington, D.C., holding two bicycle wheels. Perhaps delivering them to a friend, or to a bike shop to be fixed.

Read to the end to see our upcoming Grid Shots photo themes, all suggested by contributor Michelle of Bike Walk Lincoln Park. I’m posting these now so you can get your ready photos ready and onto our Flickr group.


Photo of two people crossing the street, one on his skateboard, the other carrying hers, by Mike Travis.


Skateboarding in the Kinzie Street protected bike lane.


Skateboarding on Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park.


Longboarders at Open Streets on State Street.


Waiting in the left-turn lane at Clybourn Avenue, Racine Avenue, and Armitage Avenue. Photo by Mike Travis.

Upcoming Grid Shots themes

The themes and dates are subject to change.

10 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Skateboarding in the streets edition”

  1. You might want to swap nature and deteriorating infrastructure, seeing how April 22 is Earth Day. Seems like a natural. Looking forward to it.

        1. Oh well 😉

          You know, referendums to increase sales tax to support more transit are successful around the country. I don’t know if referendums are possible in Chicago, but it might be worth it to try one. 

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