Grid Shots: Mismatch

The title says it all.


Old and new CTA logos, superimposed. Photo by Jeff Zoline.


Useful and useless bike racks. Photo by Eliezer Appleton. 


Walking in the bike lane. Photo by me. 


Old and new Metra locomotives. Photo by Mark Vogel. 


A wheel without a frame. Photo by Mike Travis. 

What else is a mismatch?

6 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Mismatch”

      1. Metra should use that image in a marketing campaign. It’s a lot more positive and modern than my perception of Metra.

  1. Walking in the protected bike lane on the south side of Kinzie near the Merchandise Mart is completely understandable because there’s no sidewalk!

    1. I don’t fully understand it because A, there’s no sidewalk to walk on, B, you can’t access anything by walking on this side of the road (you can only get to stuff at the intersections at either ends – there’s nothing in the middle), and C, there are people cycling here at speeds 3-5x faster. 

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