Weekend open thread: What videos did you watch this week?


NYC Ave. by Shawn Brown

Last weekend’s open thread asked you to post a link to an article you read. This weekend I want you to post a link to a video about some kind of sustainable transportation that you watched. I’ll go first. Here’s a vigorous and dramatic view of New York City streets, traffic, and buildings, from a very low-to-the-ground point of view, shot all from cameras mounted on bicycles. I really like the first minute, where the camera is (in what seems like slow ¬†motion, but isn’t) wrapping around objects and people.

2 thoughts on “Weekend open thread: What videos did you watch this week?”

  1. It’s not a transportation video exactly but Beastie Boys ‘Open Letter to NYC’ is multimodal! I counted skateboards, bikes, ferries, roads, bridges, L trains, subways, buses, walking and some kind of stop action slide that is awfully cool. It also mentions about ton of exact lines by name. If you’ve ever lived in NYC it’s a pretty amazing lyrical and visual tour of a great city.


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