Grid Shots: People on the platform

Since we don’t have a schedule of Grid Shots themes to go on, I looked at the latest photos people have added to our Flickr group. This one caught my eye and prompted today’s topic: people on the platform.


Photo by Mike Travis, who captioned the photo with, “Don’t look at me, Kid. The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything is right in front of you!”


A person waits for a passing Yellow Line train at the Skokie CTA station. Photo by Alton Parker.


Passengers huddle on the Oak Park Metra station platform. Photo taken in 1998 by David Wilson.


Photo by Andy Marfia.


“Van Gogh Skys” photo by SeƱor Codo.


“Late late night at the California Blue Line station” by Mike Travis.

Next week’s theme is “features and amenities”. Find things in our transportation that make traveling a little easier, more clever, or just different (but hopefully not bad, as a feature should be a good thing).

3 thoughts on “Grid Shots: People on the platform”

  1. Great images, and wonderful idea! These moments in time are priceless. Thanks to all the photographers.

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