Grid Shots: Summer time


Tour de Fat happens every year in July in Palmer Square Park. This kid rides a funky trike in the bike pit carnival. Photo by Joshua Koonce. 

The Grid Shots schedule lists “summer time” as the next theme. It’s a little weird to post it at a time when it’s 68°F right now.


There’s color in summer. Photo by Clark Maxwell. 


People rode bikes in the Pride Parade. Photo by Drew Baker.


Michigan Avenue bustles a little more in the warmth. Photo by Michelle Stenzel. 


Summer is a great time to bike around Lincoln Park with a parrot on your hand.

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2 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Summer time”

    1. I was about to leave for the store today and it started raining. The high winds plus a little rain kept me home. But if tomorrow is high winds and cold, well, I’ll just deal.

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