Grid Shots: Viaducts

According to the new Grid Shots schedule, today’s topic is “viaducts”.


The first photo shows someone cycling on Jackson Boulevard just east of Canal Street. Did you know it’s a viaduct? It spans the Metra and Amtrak tracks below. Photo by Allan Marshall. 


A Chicago Transit Authority viaduct in shambles on the North Side Main Line at the Argyle Red Line station. Read about the CTA’s Red & Purple Modernization Project. Photo by John Iwanski.


Metra trains run along earth-filled, elevated viaducts north of the Ogilvie Transportation Center for many miles, first north along Canal Street, then turning west alongside Kinzie Street, through to Oak Park. Photo by Gabriel Michael.


Another earth-filled viaduct, the Bloomingdale Line is slated to become a trail and park called the Bloomingdale Trail. There’s an important meeting on Thursday, March 8, 2012. We’ll post more details soon. Photo by Colin Clinard.

3 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Viaducts”

  1. That Argyle viaduct is looking really sad.  Today I passed my *favorite* viaducts on Vincennes near 83rd, and those are as bad as ever.  Bonus – another big utility project tore up another 2 block stretch of Vincennes just northeast of Halsted, so now there’s almost half a mile of roughly patched pavement on Vincennes between 83rd and Halsted.  *sigh*

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