Heritage Bicycles opening party was a good time


The owner talks to party guests. You can see the small food menu above him. 

Guests to Saturday night’s opening party at Heritage Bicycles and General Store (2959 N Lincoln Avenue) had their choice of free wine and any coffee drink the baristas could make. There were hors d’oeuvres and delicious cupcakes, too.

John met Michael Salvatore, the owner, several months ago, but I met him for the first time. He was surprised that so many people showed up (over 70 while I was there), and impressed and appreciative of all the attention his shop has received locally and nationwide (people all around the country have been linking in).

My friend Alexander Richard came, too, and he said the idea of a café and bike shop is well thought, adding, “it’s something entirely progressive, which is what this city needs”.


A mechanic talks to a party guest. The shop will repair any make and model of bike. 

I talked to Salvatore and one of his mechanics. Based on John’s interview, and following Heritage on Google Plus, I knew that there were issues and delays in receiving permits. I asked Salvatore when he would have opened the shop if there were no asinine delays: “August”. But he eventually saw that as a good thing, even missing the Christmas shopping period, giving him more time to prepare the shop.

See the full photoset. I got a new camera that can take photos in dark places without a flash. I love my Panasonic GH1.

4 thoughts on “Heritage Bicycles opening party was a good time”

  1. Really handsome wheels on display! Superb coffee! Sharp bike mechanic! How about that spring bike trip to the farm? Bob Clarke

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