Why do all these people love the CTA?


Why I love the CTA: It’s a backup plan for (bike) flats. I calculated how often I’ve ridden the CTA using my Chicago Card Plus’s transaction history: 5 rides in a 98 day period

I met all of the people whose name tags are shown here at a launch party in the Logan Square Design Building for a Kickstarter project. I’ve never been to a Kickstarter launch party before. Greater Good Studio is raising money to design a mobile app on how to ride the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The app’s development will have “crowd sourced” its design and direction with that funding mechanism.

Stay tuned today for an interview with project co-creator and designer George Aye, but enjoy these responses.


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Heritage Bicycles opening party was a good time


The owner talks to party guests. You can see the small food menu above him. 

Guests to Saturday night’s opening party at Heritage Bicycles and General Store (2959 N Lincoln Avenue) had their choice of free wine and any coffee drink the baristas could make. There were hors d’oeuvres and delicious cupcakes, too.

John met Michael Salvatore, the owner, several months ago, but I met him for the first time. He was surprised that so many people showed up (over 70 while I was there), and impressed and appreciative of all the attention his shop has received locally and nationwide (people all around the country have been linking in).

My friend Alexander Richard came, too, and he said the idea of a café and bike shop is well thought, adding, “it’s something entirely progressive, which is what this city needs”.

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Handsome Cycles party at the Chrome store


As a writer specializing in green transportation topics I try to keep up with all aspects of the booming local bike scene. But now and then I get a reminder that there are so many different facets to Chicago biking nowadays that it’s practically impossible to keep track of them all.

Case in point was the Chicago launch party for Handsome Cycles that Steven and I attended last week at the Chrome messenger bag store in Wicker Park. I was surprised to learn that the shop has been hosting these parties on the third Thursday of every month for some time now. With multiple kegs of complimentary Goose Island 312 beer on tap, it was a very lively shindig.

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