NACTO is for cities, AASHTO is for states: This video is about “Cities for Cycling”


As part of the Cities for Cycling program, bikeway design experts take their show on the road, using the streets of different U.S. cities as their classroom and the new NACTO design book as their guide.

Watch this Streetfilms video featuring CDOT’s Gabe Klein and David Gleason, experts from Portland, Oregon, New York City, and San Francisco, as well as Lee Crandell, campaigns director at Active Transportation Alliance, and Margo O’Hara, a co-leader of the Streets for Cycling Plan’s North Side district.

It was filmed in October 2011 on Kinzie Street and at Jak’s Tap (901 W Jackson), during Bikeways 201. There’s a moment in the video featuring myself, at 2:13, in which I’m showing a map of some ideas for a possible bike boulevard on Wood Street through Wicker Park. Other scenes are from Portland and New York City.

The Urban Bikeway Design Guide by the National Association of City Transportation Officials, or NACTO, is a publication of ideas and solutions more appropriate for city cycling (er, urban areas) than anything previously published. It’s inspired by European designs and will hopefully move us away from designing bike lanes in door zones. AASHTO in the title stands for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, and generally represents a less than progressive view on non-motorized and transit modes.

This particular Streetfilms was produced by Elizabeth Press, who also produced the first ever Chicago-based Streetfilms and featured the Kinzie Street protected bike lane. We featured that in December.

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