Why do all these people love the CTA?


Why I love the CTA: It’s a backup plan for (bike) flats. I calculated how often I’ve ridden the CTA using my Chicago Card Plus’s transaction history: 5 rides in a 98 day period

I met all of the people whose name tags are shown here at a launch party in the Logan Square Design Building for a Kickstarter project. I’ve never been to a Kickstarter launch party before. Greater Good Studio is raising money to design a mobile app on how to ride the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). The app’s development will have “crowd sourced” its design and direction with that funding mechanism.

Stay tuned today for an interview with project co-creator and designer George Aye, but enjoy these responses.


Tall Todd (Todd Jones): I don’t have a car and sometimes I don’t want to bike.


Nora: I hate driving in the city.


Joe: They pay my mortgage.


Lynn Stevens: It’s 1 block from my house.


Karl Williamson: I can sleep on the way home.

See the full photoset.

Why do you love the CTA? What features or answers are you not getting from existing CTA travel apps?

6 thoughts on “Why do all these people love the CTA?”

  1. My reasons would be 1) I can drink as much as I want and still get home, 2) I don’t have to worry about finding parking (or worse, trying to find parking when I get back after 8 p.m. and every street is crammed for blocks), and 3) I have an alternative to driving when it snows

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