The Grid Network is deprecated, but the links page lives on


The CTA Morgan Green/Pink Line station will open this month. Photo by Seth Anderson. 

I’ve stopped updating the Grid Network page; no new posts since mid-April appear there. I coded the function myself and it was using too many server resources to operate, slowing down the website. The Network was build on top of our Links page, so that lives on.

Here are some of the new links we’ve added:

  • Transport Nexus. A focus on transportation policy as it relates to land use. Very wonky and written by a transit agency employee.
  • Let the Midway Bloom. The author writes about transportation in the Hyde Park area, and promotes small streets as a way to revitalize neighborhoods. He also advocates for dense housing in the Midway.
  • Chicago Streetcar Renaissance. Streetcars can be used as an economic development tool. Chicago was once riddled with tram lines.
  • TRANSPORT/LAND. A Portland, Oregon-based blog about using cargo bikes for disaster relief, coffee delivery, and carrying grandkids on trikes.

What other links should we add?

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Stories from the Grid Chicago Network: After school programs, speed camera legislation


Bike Club racing team from West Town Bikes at the Indian Lakes Cyclocross race, presented by South Chicago Wheelmen. Photo by Michael Young. 

The Grid Chicago Network is a collection of articles from 43 websites, updated twice a day. The Network page always shows a 7 day stretch (right now there’s 73 articles listed). Here’re the most interesting articles I saw today:

And on my personal blog, Steven Can Plan, I take a different look at the future and potential of the bike boulevard on Berteau Avenue, and compare it to “neighborhood greenways” in other cities.

Parking meter lease: 72 years more to go


Bike Walk Lincoln Park in their latest post gives a summary of how the parking meter lease was devised and approved in 2008. Then they point out how a majority if the revenue has been spent, including over half of a “rainy day fund” (as former Mayor Daley called it). But Bike Walk Lincoln Park mentions a report issued by the same company the Daley administration hired to advise it through the parking meter privatization process: Continue reading Parking meter lease: 72 years more to go

Introducing the Grid Chicago Network


The Grid Chicago Network is a collection of sites with a similar focus on active and sustainable transportation. Their latest posts are listed on the Network page, organized by time and date. We’ll occasionally feature these posts.

We launched it on October 26, 2011, softly, to make sure it worked okay. It does. We included a lot of the sites already listed on our links page. Once an hour, the application seeks out new posts from all of the site’s feeds and presents them in a list on the Network page. The full list of included sites is listed at the bottom of the Network page.

Recent posts in the Network were:

To get your site, or someone else’s site in the Network, fill out the form below. Contact Steven if you would like your site removed from the Network. Continue reading Introducing the Grid Chicago Network