Grid Shots: Challenging weather

Hail on Thursday, rain and flooding Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Grid Shots this week is about weather challenging our transportation system. And our transportation modes.


Group bike ride to protest coal-powered plants in Chicago which Community Voicebox participated in. Mayor Emanuel brokered a deal with Midwest Generation to have them shut down by the end of 2012. My photo.  Continue reading Grid Shots: Challenging weather

Rollin’ beyond coal

On Saturday, I joined a group of people at Daley Plaza who want the Chicago City Council and Rahm Emanuel to pass the Clean Power Ordinance for a demonstration bike ride to Dvorak Park, across Cermak Road from the Fisk coal power plant. Roll Beyond Coal was a short ride from the Loop to Pilsen, through the rain and sun, and with a police escort. It was a small affair, but we joined up with a larger group of people at the park for a couple of speakers and a march through the neighborhood. This post is a photo essay – read more coverage of the Clean Power Ordinance on Steven Can Plan. Photos are posted in chronological order.


More than 50 people rode in the rain to demonstrate to aldermen and the mayor their desire for cleaner air in Chicago.  Continue reading Rollin’ beyond coal

Quad bike: How the Community Voicebox travels in Chicago


Two participants take the community Voicebox quadricycle for a test drive in the park.

Community Voicebox is the winning project of Bill Vassilakis and Jeff Munie from The Air We Breathe competition. It’s about listening to and recording the stories and thoughts of residents when it comes to two major and visible sources of pollution in the Lower West Side neighborhoods of Bridgeport, Little Village, and Pilsen: the Fisk and Crawford coal-burning power plants.

When it comes to documenting residents’ responses to the environmental hazards surrounding them, the Community Voicebox keeps it simple: a quadricycle and an iPad. Read more about the concept and my interview with Bill on Steven Can Plan – today on Grid Chicago I’ll be exploring how Bill and Jeff get the Community Voicebox around town.

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