Grid Shots: Challenging weather

Hail on Thursday, rain and flooding Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Grid Shots this week is about weather challenging our transportation system. And our transportation modes.


Group bike ride to protest coal-powered plants in Chicago which Community Voicebox participated in. Mayor Emanuel brokered a deal with Midwest Generation to have them shut down by the end of 2012. My photo. 


We’ve had some great storms in the past two days so I don’t feel bad at all for posting a train rolling through snow. Photo by Clint.


Grid Shots post don’t have to be seasonally appropriate. Children walk to school in the snow. As they should. Snow doesn’t bite. Photo by Jane Healy.


Nothing is challenging about this weather except choosing what to wear. Photo from 2011’s Tour de Fat by Drew Baker.

Updated May 7 to change introductory text and first photo’s caption. 

5 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Challenging weather”

  1. My most challenging biking weather in Illinois is always associated with high wind — either combined with extreme cold (e.g. blizzards) or summer thunderstorms (e.g. tornados). Other than that, anything else is a picnic.

      1. I moved to California specifically to research the experience of cycling through an earthquake. I always seem to be in the wrong place sat the wrong time,

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