Grid Shots: Traffic jams and crowds

The street isn’t the only place for a traffic jam.


People crowd onto the Lakefront Trail during every day in the summer, but especially during the air and water show. Photo by Michelle Stenzel.


A Metra train “flies” over nearly perpetual congestion on the Kennedy (I-90/94) at Hubbard Street, as drivers enter “Hubbard Cave”, seen from Grand Avenue. Photo by me.


A “crowd” of buses waits for the light change at Jackson Boulevard and Financial Plaza. Photo by Joseph Dennis.


A jam of automobiles on State Street and Adams Street requires people to squeeze between them. Photo by Michelle Stenzel.

Next week’s Grid Shots theme is “sidewalks”, so add your photos to our Flickr group.

“Advil donates fifty bikes and a bike lane snow truck” by Katie Vogel

Bears great and Advil pitchman Richard Dent with The Chainlink’s Julie Hochstadter – photos and story by guest blogger Katie Vogel

On Wednesday morning, a crowd of sixty huddled in the parking lot of Malcolm X College, 1900 W. Jackson Blvd., clutching free hot cocoa and waiting for ex-Bears defensive end Richard Lamar Dent to cut the ribbon of the new protected bicycle lane on Jackson. What had drawn the crowd was not just the free hot cocoa or Mr. Dent’s willingness to pose for pictures, but fifty free, Advil-branded Citizen Gotham1 folding bikes to be raffled off.

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