CDOT has been busy this summer

New, reconfigured, or restriped bike lanes are popping up left and right across Chicago. Here’s just a sampling of them from my rides around town.



Kedzie Avenue now has a bike lane from Milwaukee Avenue north to Belmont Avenue. The bike lane has dashed stripes through Schubert Street. Located in the 35th Ward, Alderman Rey Colón.

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) announced on its Facebook Page a “through the intersection” turn lane for people bicycling who want to continue onto Armitage from Cortland at Clybourn. It really helps guide drivers and bicyclists. The turn lane is in Ward 32, Alderman Scott Waguespack.



Elston Avenue between Leavitt Street and Logan Boulevard has a new lane configuration. From south to north, there’s a curbside “no man’s land,” an offset bike lane, southeast main lane, center left-turn lane, northwest main lane, and a curbside bike lane. Located in Ward 1, Alderman Proco “Joe” Moreno.

The advantages of this design remain to be seen. The new lane without a defined purpose may become the de facto bike lane. I discussed this situation on Steven Can Plan, in “Where would you ride?”



Streets in the 43rd Ward have been restriped, including Cortland from the river to Clybourn. The photo shows a new configuration for the bike lane’s approach at Clybourn/Racine. Located in Ward 43, former Alderman Vi Daley, now Michele Smith. Photo by the Chicago Bicycle Program.

View this interactive map for a view of Chicago, its bikeways, and ward boundaries.

Thank you CDOT and respective Alderman, who provided Menu funding, for the new and refreshed bikeways.

7 thoughts on “CDOT has been busy this summer”

    1. Me playing Devil’s advocate:
      It costs more to build that and many of these are paid for by the Alderman’s discretionary Menu funding (not Kedzie, though).
      It takes more time to design.
      It takes more study to determine what kind of protected bike lane should be built in each situation.

      However, Elston definitely has the space, as you can clearly see because there was enough space there to build the “no man’s lane.”

  1. caught in the act! [Sorry for the clumsy attachment. Best I could manage.]

    [url=]Repainting Bike Lanes on Lawrence[/url] by [url=]J.Knecht[/url], on Flickr

    1. Just paste the link to the photo page, forget embedding it.

      I think Disqus can “read” Flickr photos from just the page’s URL. Know what I mean?

  2. This is so awesome, way to challenge the stereotype of a slow moving bureaucracy! When Rahm and CDOT said they were going into action they definitely jumped into it!

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