What is Page 2?


The multi-modal Dan Ryan corridor features 16 lanes of automobile traffic and the Red Line train. Photo by Alton Parker. 

Page 2 is the “back page” of Grid Chicago. It contains articles that aren’t our daily featured articles. We try to post our daily feature article between 8 and 9 AM each weekday with some exceptions. Articles may appear on Page 2 at any time. Sometimes they’re supporting pieces to featured articles, and others are independent; you’ll even find some short opinion editorials in there. But they’re all worth checking out.

The Page 2 link is prominently featured in the top menu.

Recent articles include:

  • Today: Mia Birk’s full speech about combating misinformation (media backlash) about bike lanes. Read it.
  • A short review of what Mayor Emanuel said in his budget speech to City Council about a congestion premium tax on people who park downtown on weekdays. Read it.
  • Comparing three CTA transit trackers for Android devices. Read it.
  • A new train viaduct in the Englewood neighborhood will reduce Metra delays. Read it.
  • Let’s subsidize transit at the same rate we subsidize roads and see what happens. Read it.

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