Bike sharing and speed cameras ordinances pass in today’s Chicago City Council meeting

This article will be updated a few times after publishing while I gather all the information. All regular city council meetings are streamed live with video and transcript and that is where I am getting all of the information.


Alderman Cardenas of the 12th ward speaks in support of the speed camera ordinance.

Bike sharing

Bike sharing passes City Council, 46-1. Alderman Robert Fioretti (2nd) was the sole alderman to vote against the ordinance. The system will launch in September 2012.

Margarent Laurino (39th, chair of the committe on pedestrian and traffic safety) gave a prepared statement.

Colón (35th) talks about his experience in Seville, Spain, in March 2011. The city made investments in bicycle facilities, and bike sharing, and saw an enormous increase in the number of people cycling there.

Speed cameras

Other coverage on this: Chicago Tribune

Balcer (11th) talks about his car crash. If there’re any aldermen who don’t want speed cameras, he’ll take their speed cameras for his ward.

Mell (33rd) talks about his red light running at California and Diversey (which I bicycle through almost daily) and how he was in disbelief when he received the ticket. He said he’s never run that red light again.

Danny Solis (25th) talks about speeding in his ward. He mentions how senior citizens going to Alivio (966 W 21st Street) get off the bus at Cermak Road and Morgan Street and are concerned about speeding.

Ray Suarez (31st) talks about how at every Monday ward night people are asking for calmer traffic. “So many idiots out there that refuse to slow down, because they only care about themselves.” Also will take your speed cameras. “I thank the mayor for his vision”.

Emma Mitts (37th. Had debate with her mother this morning. The first thing I said, “Mom, if we save one life, is that not worth doing something about [it] rather than nothing?”

Joe Moore (49th) spoke in support of speed cameras.

Zalewski (23rd). This system provides a warning. If they’re given a fair warning, they won’t do it again. “I…have put up speed humps, both the police and fireman, come to us, and say can you do something about the speed humps. It slows us down. They had to go over 24 speed humps to get to that fire. Speed humps are good, but not for every situation”.

John Pope (10th) spoke in support of ordinance.

Lona Lane (18th) spoke in support of ordinance.

Leslie Hairston (5th) talks about her concerns. One concern is that speed cameras near parks will be running until 11 PM, long after children’s curfew. Will vote no. She also said, “My other concern is we are giving up our authority”, explained Hairston. “We don’t have a say where these go. We (aldermen) should have a say so. Last time I checked we were a democracy. Little by little are are giving up our authority.” She said the same thing at last week’s hearing.

Tom Tunney (44th), supports, but has similar reservations as Hairston. Wanted ability to veto camera location.  Will vote yes.

Anthony Beale (9th). Will vote yes. Tough decision, accepts the changes in the ordinance.

Cardenas (12th). A pedestrian friendly environment is where we should be going. I don’t want us to be a European city, I want to compare to a European city, I want it to be great.

Proco “Joe” Moreno (1st). This is nothing more than a money grab, to write tickets, [clapping] and to take away the freedom these citizens have. That’s a quote when we were debating seat belts. I’ve looked at this from both sides. Will vote yes.

Margaret Laurino (39th, chair of the committee on pedestrian and traffic safety). Move for passage, in the same way as the roll call for bike sharing.

The ordinance for the “Establishment of Children’s Safety Zones” (speed camera ordinance) passes 33-14. The City Clerk, Susana Mendoza, will post the roll call votes on her office’s website.


Alderman Moreno (1st Ward) gives an impassioned speech about speed cameras.

Infrastructure Trust

Vote on Mayor Emanuel’s proposed infrastructure was deferred. I am happy for this. I don’t think there was enough time to learn about this. We unfortunately haven’t mentioned this once, mainly because I, along with the aldermen, are still trying to understand what this thing is. NBC Chicago has the story.

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  1. Duppie, the Chicago City Clerk tweeted that Arena, Cappleman, Pawar, Osterman, Fioretti, Dowell, Burns, Hairston, Sawyer, Jackson, Chandler, Sposato, Waguespack and Reilly   voted no. Three were absent: Maldonado, Reboyras, Graham. Other 33 voted yes.

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