Ride with me on the journey to deliver beehives across the city


Three beehives are ready to go. 

On April 3, 2012, I joined Jana Kinsman (Bike-A-Bee; read our story from January) and Brandon Gobel (Chicago Cargo) to deliver three beehives on the west and south sides of Chicago. Scroll through this photo essay to join us, or watch this slideshow (22 photos, no captions).


Jana’s apartment holds a lot of beehives that will eventually find homes across town.


A little lost? Perhaps. I bet they wish they had an offline bike map for their iPhones. Jana’s trailer was purchased with her Kickstarter money from Bikes At Work, and Brandon’s trailer was lent by Rapid Transit Cycleshop.


Trying to find the best spot for the beehive at the home of John and Marissa Baker in East Garfield Park. The Bakers contribute to two community gardens, Madison St. Garden and Monroe and Fifth Community Garden.


Jana and the new owners are satisfied with the placement. The beehive needed to be installed on mostly level ground and with clearance on the sides and back so Jana can extract the honey grids.


Riding through East Garfield Park at Monroe Street and Washtenaw Avenue.


Brandon has one fewer beehive to pull on the way to The Plant in Back of the Yards.


Jana and Brandon bring the beehives inside the plant to carry up to the roof.


Alex Poltorak, who operates The Urban Canopy, is the proud new owner of two rooftop beehives. See all 22 photos from the delivery. Stay tuned for another post featuring the delivery of live bees to the hives by car and bicycle

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