Grid Shots: Community gardens


The @ward1bike #Twitterbike at a garden. Photo by John Lankford. 

After some debating with John Lankford about this, I gave in to create the Grid Shots theme of “community gardens”. He sent me the first photo to feature (above). The bottom line, that won me over, was that a lot of people bike to their community gardens. I’ve even biked to a community garden myself, with Brandon Gobel and Jana Kinsman, to deliver beehives


Biking to a community garden plot in Evanston, Illinois. Photo by Nick Huemmer.


Me cycling on my Yuba Mundo cargo bike (since sold) past the Growing Station community garden in Pilsen on the short path that connects Cullerton Street and 21st Street (map). Photo by Stefano Rini.


A community garden in Logan Square. Photo by John Paul Goguen. 


Gethsemane Garden Center in Andersonville provides plenty of its own bike parking. 


A Kidical Mass ride ended at a community garden in summer 2011. Photo by Ash Lottes. 

5 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Community gardens”

    1. I didn’t want to mention that they also have a decent sized car parking lot.
      Someone should have nominated them for our Bike Parking Awards. It’s almost unheard of when a business provides more than 4 spaces for bikes.

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