Grid Shots: Food

Here’s an interesting study: people who typically arrive by bicycle to bars visit them more often, spend less per visit, but spend more overall in a month than people who typically arrive there by automobile. We might call that “barbikenomics”.


A man sells mieles from a cart. Photo as seen from the Bloomingdale Trail by Joshua Koonce.


The Tamale Spaceship food truck parked on Clinton Street while investigating police park their SUV in the bike lane. Photo by Seth Anderson.


“Meat snack trailer” on the California Avenue sidewalk in Humboldt Park. Photo by Joshua Koonce.


If you ever shop at the Trader Joe’s in the South Loop (Roosevelt Road and Wabash Avenue), take note that their bicycle parking is hidden in the back. It’s probably more convenient to lock to a fence on the sidewalk. Does the store have an entrance that’s not oriented to the car parking lot? Photo by Dubi Kaufmann.


There are sometimes bikes like this parked outside the Hannah’s Bretzel locations in the Loop, but I’ve not heard of them being used for deliveries. Photo by Seth Anderson.

7 thoughts on “Grid Shots: Food”

  1. Re: Trader Joe’s. There’s a door on Roosevelt, but they don’t let you enter through there, only on the parking lot side.

    1. That and the invisible bike parking is evidence of pedestrian-unfriendly design, which is very common in Chicago, where a huge portion of people will be arriving to places on foot (after they get off the bus, the train, their bike, or a cab).

      1. i agree! i usually lock my bike at a tow zone/no parking sign at the corner. i was unaware there were racks by the dumpsters, which is a terrible location. even though the dominick’s on canal and roosevelt has that crappy grid bike rack, it’s installed at the best location, right by the entrance.

        1. That Dominick’s has an entrance gate on Canal Street but they often keep it locked (I think to discourage residents of the Pacific Garden Mission.
          And yes, it’s a crappy grid bike rack. As soon as I can find an alderman that will ban it, I will draft legislation for them so we can stop perpetuating poor locking techniques.

  2. i’m surprised no one took a picture of a paleta bicycle. i see them all over UIC (i do not own a cameraphone).

    1. Someone probably did but I often create Grid Shots in a hurry. I first searched for “food” in the Grid Chicago Flickr group and not much was tagged with it. So everything else was me digging deep for more food+transportation-related shots.

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