Grid Shots: Shiny and new


Post updated April 30, 2012, at 16:01 to add more photos of the new CTA station and new commentary. 

In this edition of Grid Shots, the suburbs of Skokie and Evanston are getting a bit of attention. Transit infrastructure is being built in more places than Chicago. Post updated to feature photos from opening day at Oakton-Skokie Yellow Line station. The Oakton-Skokie Yellow Line station opens on Monday, April 30, 2012. The Chicago Transit Authority will have another station opening in May, at Morgan (at Lake Street) Green and Pink Lines station. First four photos were taken by Jeff Zoline on April 30 and prior. 


Semi-covered bike parking at the new station’s Searle Parkway (north) entrance.

One of the aspects of bikes and transit planning I feel receives the least attention, but really needs the most, is how people ride to and from the station. Bringing bikes on board has been covered for almost a decade, and bike parking is a standard practice, but upgrading safety and convenience of cycling between home and the station or work and the station should get a higher priority. Look at the Street View of Skokie Boulevard, what you’ll have to ride on to reach the north station entrance. There are 5 lanes of traffic and knowing that width influences speed, people are probably driving very fast. I urge the Village of Skokie to consider better conditions for cycling as they finish celebrating the new train station and look for other investments to grow their downtown.


A look at the south station entrance on Oakton Street, two weeks before opening. There is covered bike parking at this entrance, too, giving a sufficient number for passengers who arrive by bike.


This photo shows a brand new design for digital information sign (“Train Tracker”) in the CTA system. It lacks advertisements which is pleasant. I hope it’s less noisy than the Titan displays that bombard passengers in the Logan Square tunnel.


Photo of the grand opening announcement sign by Michelle Reitman.


For the April 15 Grid Shots, we featured a deteriorating CTA Purple Line viaduct being replaced in Evanston. Here’s what it’s being replaced with, at Grove Street. Photo by Peter Carr.


Skokie residents can now enjoy a new off-street trail called the Rails to Trails Corridor. This photo by Jeff Zoline was taken at Terminal Avenue and Carol Street.


The CTA Western Orange Line received 18 bike parking spaces inside the station (replacing 6-8 spaces) along with 5 other stations receiving new bike parking.

Where else have you seen shiny and new sustainable transportation investments?

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