Grid Shots: Sidewalk

The sidewalk. Are there any other names for this? I’m thinking of the Clorox bleach commercial that I’ve seen on Hulu where the announcer speaks at least 10 names for the toilet (commode, john, etc.). It’s where we all find ourselves. And find each other.


Three people wait for the bus on the sidewalk in front of Skewerz at 1560 N Damen Ave. Photo by Sam Dickey.


Sometimes people ride their bicycles on the sidewalk, like in front of Zosia Kwiaty at 3053 N Milwaukee Ave. Photo by Drew Baker.


Sidewalks are often places where we build memorials, usually for people who died from attacks or traffic crashes. Photo by Eric Rogers.


Large buildings dwarf those walking next to them. A pleasant and attractive street environment will have engaging uses and human-sized structural elements. Photo by Michelle Stenzel.


Sidewalks are useful to many activities. Photo by Sam Dickey.

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