Tales from #bikeCHI: volume 2


The Lakefront Trail on an emptier day. Photo by Katherine of Chicago. 

#bikeCHI is the hashtag to use on Twitter when you’re talking about cycling in Chicago. It’s a pretty broad topic.

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I think you probably know what Zach is talking about. At the most recent Bloomingdale Trail meeting, it was revealed that the Lakefront Trail can be a very busy place: during one count period, there were over 2,300 people per hour in each direction. That’s a higher “ADT” than many streets in Chicago*.

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A poetic observation of the beginning of bicycle season in Chicago. People are coming out of the woodwork! If you need a bike tuned, or some new parts, check out one of our sponsors on the sidebar: The Bike Lane in Logan Square, Uptown Bikes in Uptown, or Boulevard Bikes in Logan Square. We also have a shopping page.

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*If ADT (average daily traffic) was a top factor in determining which streets were prioritized to receive upgrades, repaving, or other infrastructure investments, the Lakefront Trail should have seen it years ago. The amount of potholes, slow zones, and pinch points, is disturbing.

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