Recap just one of your great ideas to improve transportation in “Outside the Box” challenge


How do cities get more women to ride bicycles? Photo by Mike Travis. 

The Grid Chicago comments section is full of great ideas about how to improve transportation and transportation policy in Chicagoland.

The “Outside the Box” challenge presented by George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, should be all the motivation you need to gather and present your ideas in an essay, video, slideshow, or other media form “to convey a viable and actionable plan that may be implemented to solve a current transportation or transportation policy problem. A maximum of five pictures or illustrations may be included to enrich your presentation. Entries will be reviewed by an executive committee of professors, executives, entrepreneurs and public servants, all of whom are interested and distinguished members of the transportation policy community.”

The first prize is $10,000. Second prize is $5,000 and third prize is $2,500. You must submit your entry by February 15, 2013, and the contest is open to individuals and teams 34 years old and younger.

Get full rules and details.

4 thoughts on “Recap just one of your great ideas to improve transportation in “Outside the Box” challenge”

  1. I would love to submit my proposal for a monorail that would connect the CTA Roosevelt Superstation with the Museum Campus, Soldier Field and Northerly Island
    But since I am 68, I guess I am feeling my first case of age discrimination

    Allan Mellis

    1. Since it’s run by the university, I think their focus was students. The rules state “open to students and young professionals”. Yes, there are students older than 34!

      I’m a fan of this idea. What transportation problem does it solve?

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