Grid Shots: Cycling in the suburbs

To go along with my post about biking and walking in Riverdale, Illinois, this week’s Grid Shots is about cycling in the suburbs. Add your photos to our group on Flickr.


Practicing bicycling on the Illinois Prairie Path in Elmhurst, Illinois. Photo by Clark Maxwell. Continue reading Grid Shots: Cycling in the suburbs

Grid Shots: Inside the train stations

When I saw this fisheye photo from Clark Maxwell of the Ogilvie Transportation Center (500 W Madison St) interior, I knew the next Grid Shots topic.

[flickr]photo:4566250267[/flickr] Continue reading Grid Shots: Inside the train stations

Grid Shots: Shopping without a car

A large portion of Chicagoans not only take the bus, train, walk, or bike to work, but they also take these sustainable transportation modes to go shopping, for groceries and everything else.


Two people attempt to cross Western Avenue, with one of them pushing his purchases in a shopping cart. Photo by Joshua Koonce. Continue reading Grid Shots: Shopping without a car

Grid Shots: No cars on State Street edition

Yesterday, Open Streets on State Street happened in downtown Chicago. And thousands were there to enjoy the breakdancing performances, open skate park, and dance for fitness lessons.


A skateboarder jumps off the ramp in the skate park at State Street and Van Buren Street open to anyone. There were even skateboards to borrow.  Continue reading Grid Shots: No cars on State Street edition

Grid Shots: The view from CTA bridges

Bridges at Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) train stations over the tracks are becoming extinct. When the Belmont Brown/Red/Purple line station was rebuilt for the Brown Line Capacity Expansion project, the bridge at the south end was removed.


I took this photo in 2006 from the Belmont footbridge, not long before it was closed to passengers and then demolished. 


Adams and Wabash, Brown/Pink/Green/Orange/Purple lines. Photo by Clark Maxwell. 


Madison and Wabash, Brown/Pink/Green/Orange/Purple lines. Photo by Clark Maxwell. 

View four more photos taken from CTA footbridges.

Grid Shots: People on the CTA

“The subway is the place where denizens of the great metropolis are now forced to face each other. The wealthy, and the poor rub more than elbows here. Often the pot in which we are all supposed to be melting cracks and boils over.” -New York City-based photographer, Dave Beckerman.


Changing trains. Photo by Mike Travis. 


Reading a book. Photo by Joshua Koonce. 


Playing the guitar and harmonica. Photo by Joshua Koonce.